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HYLINE SAFETY has a patented floor covering product called ZORB-GRIP

ZORB GRIP is designed to offer exceptional protection from slips and falls on all standing and walking surfaces, all buildings entrances and exits can be made much safer!

ZORB-GRIP is designed to protect workers / residents health and security by providing advanced non-skid / anti-slip materials. ZORB-GRIP is designed using advancements in ergonomics to aid in the prevention of repetitive stress disorders and muscular-skeletal disorders caused by standing / walking and working on hard surfaces,


ZORB-GRIP™ is HYLINE SAFETY’s exclusive anti-slip floor covering.

Zorb-Grip is the latest innovation in non-skid / non-slip safety materials. Zorb-Grip has been designed as an improvement over traditional grip tape by combining a cushioned or dampening layer that improves its gripping characteristics, as well as absorbing shock and vibration.

Zorb-Grip offers a higher coefficient of friction (grip, or traction) that provides increased performance and enhanced safety. Zorb-Grip absorbs shock, dampens vibration and cushions impacts.

Protection against accidents due to slipping is a major concern for all businesses, homes, public and private facilities.

Safety engineers and insurance companies recognize the immense responsibility of reducing the exposure of areas where such accidents occur. Statistics prove the reality of their concern.

•12% of all work related deaths are the result of slips and falls.

•Deaths by slips and falls rank second only to motor vehicle deaths in the workplace.

•Work related accidents in the United States cost 34.8 billion annually.

•Over 300,000 disabling injuries and deaths are caused annually by slips and falls.

•Costs in compensation (wages and medical) as a result of slipping accidents average $6,717 per occurrence, or 41% more than the average of all other accidents.

The ZORB-GRIP Advantage:

ZORB-GRIP non-skid / anti-fatigue floor coverings were developed specifically to solve the problems of short-term fatigue and long-term injury associated with standing work positions. Our product line represents the most advanced technology for this purpose available in the marketplace today.

By providing an elastic surface to stand on, ZORB-GRIP stimulates muscle activity in feet and legs. As described above, this is important for the proper function of the venous pump and hence for the prevention of fatigue and injury.

Ergonomic studies have shown that standing on surfaces that are resilient rather than unyielding relieves tiredness, back strain and leg fatigue.

Flooring that is ergonomically designed can improve its users productivity by enhancing working conditions and worker comfort.

ZORB-GRIP’s ergonomic design and dynamic function can increase its users efficiency, productivity, safety, health, comfort and performance

ZORB-GRIP will be most desired in safety-critical environments where slips and falls must be avoided and ergonomic considerations are of key importance.

ZORB-GRIP cushioned floor coverings is ideal for situations where workers must spend hours standing in one position or area. It also can be used as an acoustic floor covering that assists to make the workplace more effective by controlling overall sound transmission, sound clarity and sound absorption.

ZORB-GRIP can help to improve working posture and ease the load on the users body, thus reducing instances of Repetitive Strain Injury / Work Related Injury and Disorders.

By taking ergonomics into consideration ZORB-GRIP can contribute to the solution of a large number of problems related safety, health, comfort and efficiency.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), such as low back pain, tendonitis, hand-arm vibration syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome, account for a major component of the cost of work-related illness in the United States. Recent estimates of the costs associated with work-related musculoskeletal disorders range from $13 to $54 billion annually. Regardless of the estimate used, the problem is large both in health and economic terms. The enormous scope of the problem is confirmed by statistics from the Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

ZORB-GRIP and Ergonomics:

The Ergonomics of standing:

An expanding body of research exists which addresses standing work positions and the potential damage. The general conclusion of this research is that floor mats are an important element in injury prevention efforts.

Blood flows from the heart through the arteries to the extremities. When you walk, it is pumped back through the veins by the interaction between muscles and veins. This mechanism is commonly referred to as the venous pump. When you stand, gravity will make fluids settle in feet and legs and because of the reduced muscle activity, the venous pump is less effective. This causes increased pressure on the walls of the veins, which leads to long term damage, and swelling which causes pain and discomfort.

Damaged veins
Prolonged standing on a hard surface will lead to damaged veins. This damage occurs as pressure inside the veins builds up and expands the sides of the vein. As the years go by, the vein becomes permanently expanded and the flaps that make up the valves are no longer able to reach together; this allows blood to flow through the valves even when it was not intended to do so.

The consequences of this damage are severe and irreversible. Varicose veins result along with permanently reduced circulation.

ZORB-GRIP is registered with the US Patent Office as Patent Pending.

ZORB-GRIP Fatigue Mat
There are over 300,000 disabling injuries and deaths caused by slips and falls annually, your facility cannot go unprotected. Go with the very best non-skid material available-ZORB-GRIPô.

Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces is one of the most common causes of physical fatigue.

Many people / workers have foot, leg and back pain resulting from long days of standing and working.

Physical fatigue occurs when muscles are constricted, causing reduced blood flow. The result is pain and discomfort. The heart is forced to work harder and the body begins to run out of energy. Muscles ache and joints hurt.

Zorb-Grip Anti-fatigue matting may be the simplest and most effective way to reduce standing worker fatigue. It works by encouraging subtle movement of leg and calf muscles that in turn promote blood flow back to the heart. This is what prevents physical fatigue.

In a formal study at the Center of Ergonomics, university of Michigan, Ergonomist Mark Redfern concluded that different floor surfaces could have dramatically different effects on physical fatigue.

The study involved fourteen subjects at the Ford Chesterfield Trim Plant who were required to stand throughout their entire shift. A variety of floor conditions were tested, from concrete to a 3/8" rubber anti-fatigue mat. The results were conclusive: workers who were forced to stand on hard concrete floors for longer periods of time suffered significant levels of fatigue and discomfort in the legs, back and throughout the body. On the other hand, workers who stood on anti-fatigue mats were able to reduce the levels of fatigue and discomfort by as much as 50%.

Another study conducted by the Ergonomics Dept. of Loughborough University resulted in virtually the same conclusions. In the first part of the study, the participants stood on a pressure plate for two hours. The pressure plate analyzed their standing patterns. After two hours or more, standing on a hard floor produces an immobile standing pattern, leading to stiffness, poor circulation, and resulting discomfort or pain. In the second part, the study measured the energy consumed by the muscles used to support the body in a standing position, particularly those in the legs and lower back. The study concluded that energy used by the supporting muscles is conserved by almost 50% when the worker stands on an anti-fatigue mat versus standing on a hard floor. The result more energetic, more productive, healthier employees.

Aches and pains of long standing are referred to as Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST) excessive stress on the spine and back muscles due to stagnant body positions or poor distribution of body weight which may cause pain and injury.

In addition to lower back pain, long-standing on hard surfaces results in:

1. Pronation, the extensive flattening of the foot that leads to arch and heel pain.

2. Varicose veins, caused by stagnation of blood in the lower extremities.

These problems can in turn lead to long-term health issues and or Musclo-Skeletal disorders (MSD's). Fatigue caused by long term standing is easily and too often overlooked.
Workers are suffering the consequences of poorly designed ergonomics in the workplace on a daily basis. Companies are losing literally billions of dollars per years in reduced productivity, increased health care and workers compensation costs, higher insurance rates and increased absenteeism. The ergonomic problems of the standing worker at the press, the ironer, the counter and other places in your plant are real. The right anti-fatigue mat for the right application can go a long way towards easing the situation and creating a more productive quality driven environment.

The above article (edited) is written by Mark Redfern
Vice Chairman of Undergraduate Program
Professor, Department of Bioengineering
Professor, Department of Otolaryngology
Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering

Email: redfernms@msx.upmc.edu
Phone:(412) 624-4771
Fax:(412) 647-0108

Redfern MS and Chaffin DB. The influence of flooring on standing fatigue. Human Factors. 37(3):570-81, 1995.

Dr. Mark Redfern, Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, has studied the influence of floor type on fatigue, balance, and other factors. The results suggest that the addition of an appropriate cushioned floor covering can reduce the perceived discomfort and tiredness of persons who are on their feet for extended periods.

Workers likely to be included in this category include nurses, cashiers, assembly line workers, teachers, and retail sales personnel. It follows that people in nearly every occupation may receive a degree of benefit proportional to the time they spend on their feet. Factors such as the aging workforce, changing social expectations about work, and rising medical costs amplify the need for attention.

ZORB-GRIP: Through the usage of Zorb-Grip workers who stand should experience increased Productivity and Safety.

Reduction of fatigue and improved comfort are important steps towards increased productivity. Further research will add to the understanding of the optimum amount of floor cushioning for specific applications. However, studies have proven that installing a well-designed cushioned standing surface can have significant benefits.

What is the return on investment? Cushioned flooring will add to the cost of your installation, but the value received over the life of the installation is a compelling basis for the purchasing decision. Furthermore, although the cost is a one-time, up-front expense, the benefits of cushioned floor coverings accrue year after year enhancing both return-on-investment and employee satisfaction.

According to ergonomic consultant and author Dan MacLeod, CPE, a good rule of thumb is that one minute of time per day in the workplace is worth roughly $100 year. Thus, five minutes of lost time per day due to fatigue is worth $500 per year. When multiplied across the entire workforce of an organization, it doesn’t take a calculator to see the economic justification that supports the ergonomic upgrade of cushioned flooring.

Implementing a total ergonomic improvement strategy can contribute to increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction, and potentially fewer on-the-job injuries. Combined, these benefits can be a significant driving force for the ergonomic upgrade of using ZORB-GRIP.

Slips and falls, foot, leg and back fatigue, knee pain and related musclo-skeletal disorders and repetitive stress disorders cost companies millions of dollars each year in lost productivity, injury claims and workmens compensation claims. Your company can minimize this expense by using ZORB-GRIP™ anti-slip / ergonomic floor covering.

HYLINE SAFETY is proud to introduce ZORB-GRIP™ - an exclusive brand new high technology anti-slip floor covering.

ZORB-GRIP™ offers a high coefficient of friction delivering increased performance and enhancing safety. ZORB-GRIP absorbs shock, dampens vibration and cushions impacts.

With over 300,000 disabling injuries and deaths caused by slips and falls annually, you cannot go unprotected. Go with the very best non-skid material available-ZORB-GRIP™.

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ZORB-GRIP™ materials used are the safest available! Our products have Passed ISO 9001, Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302, MIL-D-17951C (Ships), and Non-slip MIL-W-5044C Type IV, CNS 12682 and UL 94 HBF.

ZORB-GRIP™ is registered with the US Patent Office as Patent Pending.

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